biorésonance in Belfort (90) , Bull (68), Mulhouse(68) and at home

In physics, quantum, quantum plural (Latin for: how much) is the smallest indivisible measure of Energy.(Source : Wikipedia)

The Biorésonance Mulhouse bioresonance is an approach based on wave reactions, electromagnetic fields or energy, not the action of chemical molecules involved in the body. The electrical information is measurable and similarly Energy emitted by a living cell is measured by a device, the Etioscan.

Each cell carries with it information on the entire organism and resonance can repair the data affected by the disease. Thus the bio-resonance applies to restore the body to its point of energy balance by sending information.

This approach treats the human being as a whole, for man is part of nature, of the universe, also made of the same atoms and this same energy.

In this quantum therapies join traditional practices that explain that different factors influence the body as the season, environment, food, emotional factors, …

New place of consultations in Mulhouse (68 Haut Rhin) BIOREPSY 9C street Ill Brunstatt (click here for more informations)

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IMPORTANT: The bioresonance is by no means a diagnostic technique that only a doctor is authorized to ask. The etioScan are not a medical device, and acts on the energy field.
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