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George Lakhovsky

George Lakhovsky, renowned Russian scientist, had the idea in the 1920s to build a device that can generate a field of very wide spectrum frequencies, in order to regenerate the affected cells malfunction. This regeneration was becoming quite natural by acting on the natural frequency of the cells and allowing them to “vibrate” coherently again.

Then he perfected a multiple wave oscillator to allow to activate the healing process of serious diseases like cancer, leukemia, osteoporosis … Many of these machines have worked in various countries in Europe and eventually disappear, because was not profitable.

Later, Wilhelm Reich developed an apparatus operating with an energy that affect the physical and the psyche of men. These devices send an electromagnetic field throughout the body can relax the tense areas, decrease depression and increase vitality.

Royal Rife developed electromagnetic therapy. He developed a resonance technique capable of increasing the resonance until the virus deform and break because of structural strain. He discovered, over time, the frequencies that can destroy specific viruses such as herpes, polio, meningitis, tetanus, flu and many other diseases

Experiments were made in 1934 on so-called incurable cancer cases he recovers in a month! Such success could only disturb because his method was practically free while a cancer reported 200,000 dollars to conventional medicine!

Today, quantum therapy devicesEnergieOlivier consolidate and combine all his discoveries combining computer for easy and full utilization, the principle remaining to curb the emotional and physical pollution of cells.

This sometimes results in elimination reactions which can be uncomfortable, a sign that the body rejects this charge, but always aim to improve, ultimately, the health status.

It uses electromagnetic action of factors similar to those derived from nature intended to positively influence the functions of the cell, tissue, organ, system and of the whole individual.

This low signal is the information level of cells and interacts by reaction phenomenon chain on the whole body; any cell has the ability to transmit, process and to regenerate the information. Gradually, as tensions and fears are eliminated, there is his energy and enthusiasm of yesteryear! .

En pratique

Capture d’écran 2014-09-16 à 14.21.06I. First step: Registration of vibration data, power, and energy:
Depending on the person’s complaints, it is possible to choose among the 547 boards (more than 5000 different and specific vibration frequencies) representing the cells, tissues or organs. It is actually a series of surveys conducted using the Etioscan.

II. Second step: Analysis of measurements and compare the physiological spectrum databases stored in the program.

An analysis of the energy field to identify areas of weakness and energy areas suractivité.Cette terrain analysis will help to determine the origin of or malfunction, observe terrain on which the disease progresses.

The possibility of separating the psychic and somatic information to determine whether the origins of the imbalance are physical (injury, inflammation …) or psychological (emotional imbalance, psychological stress, overwork …). This is a valuable aid to the analysis which will also serve to monitor the progress of ongoing improvements.

Analyse et comparaison fréquences

This measurement method biophysical parameters, the wavelengths emitted by the cells, bio-impedance, currents caused by metals, vaccines, organ reaction to various stimuli (pathologies old memories, etc.).

You can test whether certain organs are, for example, under the harmful influence of electromagnetic pollution (telephones, clock radio, X-rays, cathode computer screens, etc.) or under the influence of geobiological pollution. It will also be possible to test whether the patient suffers from food intolerances or if the land is poisoned by chemical pollutants, household or food, or by microbes or parasites.

Comparing the parameters, those of the person and those composing a condition, we can evaluate the degree to which the pathogenicity and especially accurately assess pathological predispositions of the subject.

Did you know that this is how the health of cosmonauts regularly monitored?

III. Third step: re-equilibration time

image reequilibration bioresonance

The rebalancing the bio-resonance allows the body to help it regain its physiological functioning.
From human data, in case of disharmony, the spectra are modified, harmonized and returned to the body. This will eliminate the unhealthy waves and activate the self-healing potential of the body.

The combination of these reliable reproductive and complementary techniques can help the person often very quickly and without risk.

Application domain

The factors responsible for the disruption of vibrational frequencies are numerous. Among them:

  • poor diet or lifestyle,
  • stress or emotional shock,
  • food allergens,
  • environmental or cosmetics,
  • vaccines, drugs,
  • presence of electric or electromagnetic disturbances at home or at work,
  • toxic metals,

Bioresonance allows to help in the following disorders:


Test remedies and food intolerance testing

Test remedies and food intolerance testing

  • Eczema, asthma, hay fever,
  • dermatitis,
  • migraine, hypertention
  • rheumatic diseases and ostéotendineuses,
  • disturbances of internal organs and different systems (digestive,
  • urinary, circulatory …)
  • food intolerances
  • Even in cases where therapy bio-feedback does not itself brings relief, it allows the practitioner to detect the weakness of certain organs and towards appropriate therapy .The patient decide itself heed the advice or consult with conventional doctors or therapists who alone are authorized to prescribe medication

Water reinformation emission frequencies (cf : rubrique Actualités)