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example etioscan analysis

I use a Etioscan electronic apparatus connected to the patient by electrodes, sensors and a source of light waves.

1) These sensors will absorb the electromagnetic vibrations, bio-impedance and the photon energy and bring them to the device.

2) Vibrations are transformed and reintroduced into the body as a therapeutic vibrations. Patients waves are thus neutralized. This causes the strengthening of immune defenses of the body and self-healing process.

The duration of the sessions depends on the conditions to be analyzed, the patient’s energy field, its involvement in the return to harmony.

During the session, the appliance can:

– Test the energy meridians to pinpoint where the imbalances are. Test the vibrational frequencies of various immune, digestive, respiratory, and different organs, endocrine glands, energy circuits, etc.

– Test what are the disruptive elements, because of the disease.

The low power of the energy action used in therapy are totally harmless.

The duration of the first session can be 3 hours to take the time to get to know, save the data with the device, analyze the recordings and test possible aid.

As appropriate, additional meetings will be considered at 10-30 day intervals, and will last approximately 1 hour.

The first session: 70 €

Following sessions: 50 €

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